Download AusTOMs

To use the AusTOMs-OT, or the AusTOMs-PT, or the AusTOMs-SP or the AusTOMs-PT for use in Podiatry you need to obtain a kit.  Each kit consists of a Manual and a Scale book. You can download the kits below, or find out where to get more information.


You can download the kit for free using the following links

AusTOMs-OT Manual

AusTOMs-OT Scales

AusTOMs Score Form

Your kit will look like this photograph, except that the DVD is now availble as a video linked to this website.


You can watch the educational video here.  The video talks about the background for AusTOMs, and how to use AusTOMs-OT.  A simple case study is presented and scored.

AusTOMs-OT Educational Video

The following link provides a full reference list for AusTOMs-OT

AusTOMs-OT Publications

The following link provides an Excel file that is set up to enter your AusTOMs-OT data into.  You can seamlessly transfer data from this Excel file into SPSS for analysis

AusTOMs-OT data in Excel for SPSS


1.The Swedish Translation of AusTOMs-OT is available through the Swedish Occupational Therapy Association, and the following fillable form can be downloaded for use here:

AusTOMs-OT Swedish 2021 Fillable form

2. The Arabic Translation of AusTOMs-OT is available by emailing Carolyn Unsworth

3. The Japanese Translation has been completed by Daisuke Imaie, and the files can be dowloaded here:

日本語版AusTOMs-OT Manual

日本語版AusTOMs-OT Scales

AusTOMs-PT and AusTOMs-SP

To obtain the AusTOMs-Physiotherapy and AusTOMs- Speech Pathology please email Professor Carolyn Unsworth at

AusTOMs-PT for use in Podiatry

You can download the kit for free using the following links:

AusTOMS-PT for use in Podiatry Manual

AusToms-PT for use in Podiatry Scalecard

AusToms-PT for use in Podiatry Educational Video


14 thoughts on “Download AusTOMs

  1. Hi, since the AusTOMs-OT kit can be downloaded on this website at no cost, does that mean we can use it in other countries freely? Is there any copyright information? Thanks.


    1. Hi Luke,
      Yes, you can use the For AusTOMs-OT (and AusTOMs-PT and AusTOMs-SP) freely in any country. There are no restriction on its use.
      The copyright is held by La Trobe University, Australia, and the copyright is stated on all the manuals (for OT, PT and SP) and also on the scale booklets. You cannot make any changes to the AusTOMs.
      Please don’t hesitate to email me if you need more detailed information on
      best wishes, Carolyn


  2. Thankyou Finally an outcome measure that is truly holistic easy to administer and usable in the field! Well done guys I love your work!!


  3. Hi Carolyn,

    I have reviewed the OT AusTOMs and would like to obtain the PT and Speech Therapy versions please. I have sent an email with the request as well. Hoping to hear back soon. Thank you


  4. Hello,

    I am currently working as an SLT in St Andrews Community Hospital In Singapore.
    I would like to obtain a copy of the speech therapy version.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    1. Hi Caitlin,
      I don’t have a German translation yet. As you know, we need to forward and then back-translate to arrive at a high quality translation and and it does take time. Please let me know if you are interested to undertake this work! Please email me to discuss further if you are interested , best wishes, Carolyn


  5. Hello Caitlin,

    Thank you for making this outcome measure readily available!

    I’m an SLP student in my final year and would love to use the AusTOMs-SP with my clients.

    I have also sent an email with my request.

    Best wishes,



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