The Australian Therapy Outcome Measures (AusTOMs) project was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. The AusTOMs were developed in Australia from the Therapy Outcome Measure, originated by Professor Pam Enderby, Dr Alex John, University of Sheffield, and Dr Brian Petheram, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol (United Kingdom) and the ICF (WHO). Professor Pam Enderby assisted the research team at La Trobe University in the application to the Commonwealth to support this project. Both Professor Enderby and Dr Alexandra John from Sheffield University, United Kingdom, were associate researchers to this project, providing the Research Team with advice, discussion and support in this development of the AusTOMs.


2 thoughts on “Acknowledgment

  1. Hello sir/ma’am
    I’m Dr. Akshata Shashikant Sawant, occupational therapist currently pursuing master in Musculoskeletal Condition .
    I want to use Australian therapy outcome measure in my thesis. As my thesis is not funded by any institution.
    So, Is this scale is freely available for thesis purpose?


    1. Hi, Yes, you can use AusTOMs free of charge in your research and report the findings in your thesis and any publications. You cannot reproduce AusTOMs in your thesis. You cannot change any part of AusTOMs. I look forward to hearing of your research and your results. Please email me to provide any updates as you continue with your research. Good luck. Carolyn


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