To use the AusTOMs-OT you need to obtain a kit.

You can download the kit for free using the following links

AusTOMs-OT Manual

AusTOMs-OT Scales

AusTOMs Score Form

Your kit will look like this photograph.


The educational DVD you can see in the photo has been updated, and you can watch the video here.  The video talks about the background for AusTOMs, and how to use AusTOMs-OT.  A simple case study is presented and scored.

AusTOMs Educational Video

The following link provides a full reference list for AusTOMs-OT

AusTOMs OT Publications

The following link provides an Excel file that is set up to enter your AusTOMs-OT data into.  You can seamlessly transfer data from this Excel file into SPSS for analysis

AusTOMs data in Excel for SPSS


The Swedish Translation of AusTOMs-OT is available through the Swedish Occupational Therapy Association.

The Arabic Translation of AusTOMs-OT is available by emailing Carolyn Unsworth

The Japanese Translation has been completed by Daisuke Imaie, and the files can be dowloaded here:

日本語版AusTOMs-OT Manual

日本語版AusTOMs-OT Scales


AusTOMs-PT and AusTOMs- SP can be obtained by emailing





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