Contact Us

If you have any further questions about AusTOMs, please contact:

Professor Carolyn Unsworth

Federation University Australia

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. My team and I are looking into using the AusTOMs. we would be hoping to use the OT and Physic tool. How do I obtain a copy of the DVD for the (OT) training? Is this purchased or available to download?

    Many Thanks

    Claire Waite,
    Therapy Lead


  2. Hi,

    We are using the AUSTOM tool in our therapy service in burns in Wakefield, UK. We bought the pack a number of years ago. We are in the process of making our therapy notes electronic and I am wondering if I can type up your forms but then not break copyright rule to the create a template as an e form. The forms that you have on the internet cant be uploaded straight away as I cant type on them. Is there another form that you could send that I can write on (possibly word) or are you happy i can create our own form? Thanks

    Ann Sanderson.


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